After going back and forth on website layouts, I think I’ve finally landed.

For those of you who visited my previous website (there are dozens of us!), you’ll probably notice a change.

I’ve switched from Docusaurus to Hugo with the PaperMod theme.

The TLDR is that Hugo is more simple, has a more active theme ecosystem, and fits my use-case better.

What does this mean for my website? Well besides the obvious facelift, due to Hugo’s simplicity expect more regular posts from me.

You’ll also notice that this is the only post on my website. After looking through my old posts, I wasn’t happy with the quality of my writing or the topics I wrote about so I’ve decided to start with a clean slate. Expect a mix of technical and non-technical content where I post my thoughts on news, innovations, or anything else I feel like.

What other updates do I have for everyone…

Oh yeah! I’ve been trying out this “programming” thing more regularly. I’ve gotten pretty rusty from days as a student so in order to “flex” that muscle more regularly, I’ve been writing up some scripts people might find useful.

This first one of these is PyDetect. PyDetect is a collection of Python scripts that create detections in various SIEM platforms. Currently it only supports Microsoft Sentinel but expect support for Splunk, Datadog, and IBM QRadar eventually. Expect to see more posts on this project soon. I’m open to suggestions about other tools to integrate, provided they have free-trials.

That’s all for today folks!