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NahamCon 2022 CTF

Over the past weekend I competed in the Capture The Flag portion of NahamCon 2022, which was setup by NahamSec and John Hammond. I've only done a couple CTFs before but I have to say this was the most fun I've ever had in one, the challenges were amazing, the staff were extremely kind, and the infrastructure stayed strong the entire time! I'm also extremely happy with my team's performance, placing 40th out of 4034 total teams.

I've posted the writeups for the challenges I found extremely interesting/fun in /doc/CTFs/NahamCon_2022. Special thanks to all the challenge authors and both NahamSec and John Hammond! Hopefully next year is even better!


- Poisoned


- Brain Melt

- USB Drive


- Click Me

- OTP Vault

Looking for some extra writeups? Check out my teammates blog! image
Team Results

Individual: Category Breakdown

Individual: Solve Percentage

Individual: Score Graph