I’m currently a Threat Hunting Engineer at Autodesk. I attempt to write down my semi-coherent thoughts here as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn, although the former not as much anymore. In my free time I enjoy kayaking, photography, reading, cooking and hiking. I’m from the PNW, what can I say.

I received my Associates in Computer Security from Lake Washington Institute of Technology in 2019 and my Bachelors in Cybersecurity from Western Washington University in 2022. WWU was where I really fell in love with security, volunteering to lead classmates in numerous cyber security competitions like CyberForce, Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition, and NahamCon, earning respectable placements each one.

I also joined some friends and recreated the Cybersecurity club after it disappeared during the Covid-19 pandemic. Collectively we rebuilt the club to new heights, sponsoring students to attend conventions such as BSides, DEF CON, and others, we also helped students received internships through career workshops, mock interviews, and resume reviews. In addition to all of that we also held weekly meetings showcasing security topics, I hosted presentations on Threat Hunting, Security Incident Event Management (SIEM), and Incident Response.

Halfway through my time at WWU I joined the Threat Intelligence & Hunting team at Autodesk as a Threat Hunting intern, later converting to a full time position after my graduation. I focus on a lot of the automation with things like Detections-as-Code, API integrations, and more. I also, of course, go on traditional threat hunts using a wide variety of security tools.

That’s about it for me. If you find anything here interesting you can email me at contact@nburns.tech and we can chat more. I’m always open to a conversation or helpful feedback.